Organic Kalamon Table Olives

In Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil
Sun ripened and individually hand picked.
Kalamon olives are sun ripened and 100% natural. The color of each olive varies from black to purple/brown, depending on their exposure to the sun while on the tree, with olives on upper western branches getting the darkest color. Handpicked from organically cultivated trees, these superb olives are ideal for salads, finger-food, sandwiches, or to accompany drinks. Preserved in extra virgin organic olive oil, which, of course, you use when the olives are finished.
Product of Organic Farming 
Variety: Kalamon
Variations: Kalamon Table Olives in Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil,
                   Kalamon Table Olives With Orange and Cumin
Certification: Bio Hellas
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Labeling: English / Greek
Region: Sellasia in Sparta, Greece
Bottling: Vase (net weight, 160g; gross weight, 230g)

Product Options: olive in a jar 150gr